Written poetry:






Tudo bem?

É apenas um solstício



Un instante que me enseña que el pasado no llegará y que el futuro ya se fue 

no está aquí 

entro y no está allí 

tal vez va a estuvo, o corre de sí..

para alcanzar el invierno en primavera y la sequía de las playas en abril


saldrá el sol cuando se esconda en las montañas

amaré cuando me queme con el aire 

y el fuego apagué el río

quieto, con la corriente 


crecerán las plantas muertas 

Y tu vientre sumirá

la semilla desterrada

de los sueños que vivimos 

y lo vivido que soñé 


Tudo bom 

Anda só

Que você está desse jeito 

Mas é luz

De outra cor


Me gustaría ser pantera 

sin que me pregunten

por qué soy negra, fiera o faldera

Ser golondrina que a todo vuela 

Sin pensar que es imposible 

ni es de viajeras

Me gustaría ser camaleón 

para esconderme y estar bien sola 

sin necedad de una intervención

Reírme tan alto como una hiena 

sin que se burlen

ni me carguen y saquen

por la puerta trasera

Lo que daría por ser como eso que llamamos salvaje

Mija, hasta mis deudas

Agarraría y me iría corriendo

como gacela

hasta perderme y no pensar..

Con tal de siempre ver por mi tercer ojo, me quedo ciega del otro par

Ciega en la selva

donde no importa 

ni cómo soy


The poem is here
It's right at the deepest you can dig in
After all the sorrow and pain
After all the laughter and games
After all the love you thought you could share
Particles blending and dancing like serpentines
Bubbles exploding
Is someone else here? 
I only blend in
Merged with the silence, calmness, and tears
I can't remember the last time I said goodbye to all of my fears
Send them to heaven, 
smash them with light
Space introduces, but after a while,

it breaks and fades off
like a blanket of snow..
Oh welcome my lovely, my darling, you're here!
You have never left me
What a relief
To know that you're with me, in me, and within


Nude within a body

I was laying on the ground

Caressing with my skin the volcanic sand

It was about 95º Farenheit

My eyes looked like two crystal marbles

for I realized I lived a lie:

someone wasn’t something

but a time zone splitted psyche

So I peeled down all my robes

my porous leaves 

and all my thoughts

Thus in the raw I laid there flaming

barely sentient

me nude was aching


La Luna cae, parecía de-ses-pe-ra-da

Hay quienes dicen:

“No aguantaba más la noche, se le veía nerviosa , de mala gana”

Y bueno, después de toda fiesta, buena o no, hay que limpiar

Luna, ven, o ya verás

¿Que no quieres volver para esta noche?

Pues órale, de patitas en la calle, te me vas

Cuando vuelvas ya verás

Perdón, Luna, pero es que no nos puedes abandonar

Aunque claro, entiendo, estarás ya harta de esperar

Pero es que no va a haber más estaciones, marea, ni los lobos tendrán a quien aullar

¿Cómo se supone que voy a hacer las cuentas de mi ciclo menstrual?

En fin, Luna, te entiendo 

Mira, vete y ya

La noche exige, harás lo que tengas que hacer

No puedes atraparte en un lugar como aquí

Luna, esta noche hubiera molado un montón verte

pero va a molar también sin ti


I’ve just missed out a long love run

or I just sent it to fuck off

Not in a way you’d slam the door

but like an antbear says hello

then sucks the anthill and grins with joy

Oh my love, we’ll meet, I’m sure

And I’ll just want to devour you, eat a you whole

We’ll fuse together in such a glee

to then dive deep in much muck you see

Oh dear our endings feel so dreadful

makes me hate myself, unchain my ego

Then you disappear..

Our paths won’t cross in the next few years

Our brightening fight will have its rest

and both ourselves might disconnect

get lost in pills, mushrooms or pints

Maybe I’m judging too much,

it’s so not clear

All I know is I’ve just missed out a long love run

Doesn’t even matter

I didn’t warm up

But before the whistle I knew

 with you

I would have lost

OBJECTS (ode to Jim Morrison)


Are we objects of a higher meaning?

Do we make sense of our own life?

This place can have everything, come on, I’ll show you

Look, pay attention and fasten seat belt while seated

The devil’s in the details

Or what do you mean by god?

See the consequences of thoughts and actions

No, no.. come on

Is everybody here? A nonsense suffering dream is about to begin

The souls of golden anarchists play hide and seek

You’ll think everyone and everything is against you

And so there’s no need to lead..

Your own ending won’t concern you,

for you’ll believe what your news feed wants to tell you

Still you’re afraid..

Thoughts like free love, compassion, and new faith might start to be heard

But you’ll refuse to play, won’t you?

What will you die for?

Your stories say nothing at all

I called you to announce life as we know it, now I’m calling you to create the life we all desire

Yet might not stilll deserve

Like liquid night, straight from a rich man’s glass

This place has everything

Lavatories included

Takes off and landings

Come on, I’ll show you



Do you ever fall apart?

Like when a snowflake becomes black

Like a light worm turning off

Or bright moonlight subdued by fog

When it happens I cry down

for all I cherish and miss out

Suddenly I feel a lightning ball

crashing all over my bones

One eye opens, next there’s two

big wide windows

reminiscing of oneself’s view



After the senses there's us
Silence reveals what our mouth doesn't speak
A wave what a line cannot limit
and wholeness one's eternal delirium

I only wish to go back to the place where birds seem to float, flowers bloom, and your eyes twinkle

Take me where they talk the universal language
where I won't judge you, and I' ll accept of me all

Where my believes grow wings and escape from me flying, breaking clouds.. 

And so my chest will explode
for I won't fit in my body, nor emotions, what are those? 

It's only me understanding, through the lenses of god

Your iris diminishing 
Pupil growing, expanding to such depth
that we'll get swallowed in one ultimate breath

©Irene Trejo