This sound piece/instalation was created from a process of months that arises from an experience of sexual abuse within the spiritual realm known as El Camino Rojo (The Red Path); as from the interest in exploring what lies in the depths of the voice — interest that arises from the intimacy within the collective work at the artistic residency IMÁN.


This process and the learning around the concept of the voice have gradually turned into sessions that seek to vindicate it by perceiving it as sound that takes on a semantic meaning to reflect on what the body carries and the way words work and manipulates it. To find the grays between verbal awareness and its consistency.


And so, perhaps this skeleton will transform and become a resonant common body. I am interested in recreating something similar to microtonalism as a path to make visible the invisible and perhaps even healing. 

I don't know when this ends. Perhaps when, together, with the voices of more sisters who seek to heal from their quest to heal, everything comes out, when it feels lighter.





The chaos and harmony resulting from the union and separation of our mind, gut and heart. 

Poem & Direction: Irene Trejo

Photography: Roberto Trejo Reyes

Edition & Sound: Lucía Rodríguez

Performers (by appearance): Yanireth Silvestre, Irene Trejo & Viridiana Manjarrez



Un minuto a las 20:00 el lunes
Un minuto a las 20:00 el martes
Un minuto a las 20:00 el miércoles
Un minuto a las 20:00 el jueves
Un minuto a las 20:00 el viernes
Un minuto a las 20:00 el sábado
Un minuto a las 20:00 el domingo

Pieza hecha con base a audios grabados durante una semana a la misma hora entre la artista Lucia R. e Irene Trejo.



¿Cómo atender la erosión?


Videopoema de Irene Trejo.


vacío completoooo


An exploration of the tension in the in-between; where the past overtakes the present, right and reverse coexist, and all it's in a state of alteration.


Water to water.  






A poem about the contradiction we live in. The ambivalence in the most natural things and in the ones we create and transform. This video tries to go way back,  to a place were human consciousness isn't the rule. It is dedicated, as Maya Deren put it so beautifully, to a primeval organism, but reveals our schizoid character. 

An audiovisual poem made in collaboration with visual artist Error1322

Performers: Kuumba





Les Orenetes

La historia de cuatro mujeres que emigran de la ciudad al campo por sus ideales, para intentar vivir de otra manera. El corto-documental refleja por qué han tomado esta decisión de cambio, las ventajas y desventajas de adquirir otro estilo de vida que no es la ciudad, y presenta el contexto social que enmarca el movimiento neo-rural en Cataluña.

Un documental de Miriam Lázaro, Irene Trejo, y Jazmín Roman.