La base para este experimento consistió en la progresión de un ritmo a cuatro tiempos acompañado por una sumatoria de tonos continuos para generar un drone. 

Colaboración para Radio UNAM 

Otto Cázares, Loquilandia Radio Show, Irene Trejo

The Swallowing


An exploration of impotence through movement and two texts:

1. By Irene Trejo, expressing the feeling of impotence to life itself. 

2. By Ruby Brunton, expressing our impotence to a system we've created. 

With Ruby Brunton (nz), Irene Trejo (mx) & Mariel Kuumba (mx)

Manage the trois



A dialogue among our three brains: mind, heart, and the gut.

The constant, sometimes impossible search for a rhythm inside the modern and the cosmic chaos.

This was an ephemeral dance between Yanireth (mind), Viridiana (heart) and Irene (gut), which is intended to become a videopoem.

©Irene Trejo