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ECDISIS is a constant process. It's a representation of our deepest nature and one of our purposes in life. Which I have come to know better throughout this interesting year. The opportunity of getting to go deeper within has made me realize that I rarely identify with anything, and so my reality gets completely dismantled and transformed into another one quite regularly. This slowly becomes more of a constant than something I’m very much aware of. But this was the action/image that came to me in order to express how I felt these past months; transmuting, constantly dying and being born, leaving, one by one, my many skins behind.. I also realized old skins are not for me to forget unambiguously, even though it doesn’t help when my rational process gets stuck in one of them. It is important to patiently, slowly, deliver them back to earth. The earth heals everything; it literally sucks all poison and spits it back as something pure, beautiful and unique. Weeds can be plants, I read once. 

We will only find true (non)identity when we reject individuality.

ECDISIS is part of Pandemonium, a new art series presented by @totem_magazine & @madremezcal
DoP: @tania_diego
Photo assistant:@elsaoviedo
Skins @tamyguirao

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La base para este experimento consistió en la progresión de un ritmo a cuatro tiempos acompañado por una sumatoria de tonos continuos para generar un drone. 

Colaboración para Radio UNAM 

Otto Cázares, Loquilandia Radio Show, Irene Trejo

The Swallowing


An exploration of impotence through movement and two texts:

1. By Irene Trejo, expressing the feeling of impotence to life itself. 

2. By Ruby Brunton, expressing our impotence to a system we've created. 

With Ruby Brunton (nz), Irene Trejo (mx) & Mariel Kuumba (mx)

Manage the trois



A dialogue among our three brains: mind, heart, and the gut.

The constant, sometimes impossible search for a rhythm inside the modern and the cosmic chaos.

This was an ephemeral dance between Yanireth (mind), Viridiana (heart) and Irene (gut), which also became a videopoem.

¿Y yo?

– Una pastilla sería tan fácil, pero hay que ir a la raíz, ¿no? Pues me voy a comer este plátano porque me va a hacer sentir mejor y tiene todo lo que necesito.


*¿Cómo se ve el sarcasmo?



   Pregúntame qué hacer


   La culpa ahora es mía




   Traga tu desesperación


   Así, mastica tu impotencia 


   No me hables en todo el día


   O tal vez te comes tu enojo



– Te hago casa, te cuido, te alimento, te llevo..Que se vaya, te lo quito, pero y yo, ¿y yo?