Fluid Ecotonalism is a collaborative, transdisciplinary project and somatic workshop based in ecosomatics and the practice, ethics, and poetics of hydrocommons — as we are all water, we all homogenize, but at the same time differentiate as we have distinct membranes, internal biomas, borders and endings — and in the nature of places known as ecotones. 

As environmental humanities thinker, Astrida Neimanis put it: Water ecosystems are changing very quickly and so do our bodies. Still, how similar are we to those inhabiting around us? Perhaps even those that carry a nearer history path to ours because of the memory they hold: the lands where we were born. How is this reflected and impregnated in our bodies and where we are taking them?


With that in mind, Fluid Ecotonalism becomes an invitation to listen to what water ecotones tell us about ourselves beyond our selves now. To think embodiment as watery within relation and difference. To open another ethical perspective of care among us humans and bodies of water, which are increasingly in crisis. 

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