Fluid Ecotonalism is a collaborative transdisciplinary, practical, and poetic proposal that aims to empathize with bodies of water that are also considered ecotones – spaces of transition from one ecosystem to another. The project is an ongoing process and research that takes the form of an ecosomatic workshop carried out in conjunction with bodies of water, from which results derive into different translations that are finally integrated through sound.

The workshop is based and focused on feeling —experimenting with different art disciplines, observation, and listening techniques to empathize and understand the complexity of the ecosystem within, in-between, and around the body of water in question – before internalizing interdependence in and among our bodies. Such interaction/experience is translated into a visual composition, which is then translated into a extended sound piece around the premises of “ecotonality”.

Fluid Ecotonalism is a project based on hydrocommons, as well as on ecosomatics and expanded poetry. It is an invitation to listen to what bodies of water – liquid ecotones – have to tell us about ourselves beyond ourselves now. To think about embodying liquidity and so the interface – affecting and being affected by everything – in the common and the different. It is a hopeful invitation to open another perspective toward bodies of water that like us, are facing rapid change and the current climate urgency.

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