Irene Trejo

Inter and transdisciplinary poet, journalist and editor from Mexico City, currently exploring the inhabiting of different lands. Her work focuses on ecosomatic research around the limits of bodies and different disciplines and processes of creation, identification, poetry, and space-time.
Her process integrates the interaction and relationship with non-human bodies, landscapes, and surrounding communities. Growing up she studied music and dance and graduated in Digital Media. She “experienced” a master in Investigative Journalism from UB and Columbia NY and a diploma in Independent Filmmaking. In 2021 she published her first book of poetry, which also documents some of her videopoems and performative pieces, titled "Rendirse to Resist" with Aire editorial. She currently studies somatics, focusing on ecology, ecosexuality, biology, environment, spirituality, movement, and sound.

“Through transdiscipline and ecosomatics , I intend to liberate the body of essentialisms; to create and live what poetry means to me — the language of all brains, the tension in the present, the infinite re-accommodation that lies in the in-between —in order to express it through various changing forms.”